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"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
~Johann von Goethe

Presentation Plan:

*Please Note: This is just a plan, and there's a good chance I'm totally going off the rails at some point. Relax. I'm fine with this and you should be too.
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photo 249-WhatIsHappening.gif

1. Introductions:
"It's not about what you learn, but how you learn." (Karin Goble)

2. Changing Educational Paradigms:
"The current system... was designed and structured and conceived for a different era." (Ken Robinson)

3. Engaging Digital Natives:
"The role of the teacher has changed from the giver of information to the partner and the coach and the guide." (Marc Prensky)
  • What is the Role of the Teacher? Marc Prensky: (0:00-1:30)
  • Activity 2: Technology Timeline (Digital dinosaurs, Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives)

4. The Path to Awesome:
"The world needs you to stop being boring." (Kid President vid)

5. Twenty-first Century Learning, Technology and the Impact on Student Engagement:
"If you are really focused and you're really enjoying what you're doing, you just have fun." (Jean, January 2012)


Presentation Prezi:

Want to work at your own pace? Here's the link: Twenty-first Century Learning, Technology, and the Impact on Student Engagement
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photo 3-GiveItToMe_zps06976c61.gif

Thesis (Dropbox link)
This is a good, easily accessible and relevant summary on Dr. Friesen's work on engagement and 21st Century Learning.
An interesting article regarding the 'culture of inquiry' within the bounds of technology integration. (Jacobsen et al.)
"What did you do in School Today" is a National report summarizing student experiences in school. Very eye-opening.

Losing your focus and about to fall asleep? Give yourself a mental break...

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photo 263-YouBrokeMe.gif

Tech and Education Box of Tricks.
Rapid E-learning Blog.
Adobe's perspective on creativity in schools.
Free Educational Software and Games
Eschool News.
Need to get away (forever)? Check THIS travel opportunity out!
Giphy (a gif search engine)
Machinarium:an intuitive video game(?) with no directions. *Please turn off your sound then figure it out yourself!

Thanks for participating!

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photo YoureAwesome_zps9c2f47df.gif